Somaliland Journalist Association SOLJA is grateful the judiciary group especially Sahil region

court who redeemed their freedom four reporters in which the Sahil mayor has imprisoned

them illegally.

SOLJA already declared the action of the mayor to detain the reporters was wrong, and he went

outside the legal system of the country in particular has fractured the freedoms of the basic

rights of constitution and Media Law and both guarantee their journalists and community of all.

SOLJA believes that the media should perform constitutional obligations and deliver the

community whatever serving any progress, and challenge any action can lead to problems for

the state.

Journalists of Somaliland took a big role in the building of the country, and are committed to its

development. So they will have no fear any action against the responsibility to stop

transmission of the interest of the country.

SOLJA is welcoming the action by the Sahil region Court to release the journalists who faced the

difficult problem in the period they imprisoned and the illegal orders of their custody sentence,

they met with the days they are in the detention complexity.

SOLJA is commending the judicial authorities to take action against the officials who abuse the

power that they are responsible to the society and to punish their actions, as the law is equal to


Although judicial has laid down a good action, it seems that the some officials haven’t regarded

to the law, SOLJA association has submitted the judiciary and the Constitutional Court cases

against that actions, and I am confident how long it takes to endure that issue until it yields.

Mr. Mohamud Abdi Jama

Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) Chairman

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