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Abdishakur Mohamud

Media Defense Legal Initiative’s (MDLI) Meeting:

On 3 August SOLJA has welcomed its headquarter the Chief Executive Officer of Media Legal Defense Initiative which is an international organization that is based in London. To start with, it was out great privilege to present the work of SOLJA and how we are very committed to stand for the rights ...

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Five Journalists Arrested in Ethiopia

Early last week, on Monday, June 22, five journalists were invited to a press conference under false pretenses and arrested by authorities in the small town of Wajale, Ethiopia, which is located near the Somali border. Soon after, four of the five journalists were released while one, Muktar Nuh with ...

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SOLJA demands the release of reporter detained in Wajale

The Somaliland Journalist Association, an independent local media watchdog calls for the release of journalists abducted by the Liyuu Police, a paramilitary militia that accept orders from Abdi Illey’s. SOLJA confirms that three reporters have been released from captivity but Mukhtar Nur Ibrahim, Horncable television reporter is under police custody. The ...

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On behalf of Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) , I am very excited to Welcome our headquarter the FREEPRESS UNLIMITED officials during June 2016. The FREEPRESS officials were consisted of three: Leon Van, the Team leader of Media development programme., Jens Kiesheyer, who is the Programme coordinator Fragile Africa and Abdi ...

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War-saxaafadeed:- wariyayaal Reer Somaliland ah oo lagu xidhay Kililka 5aad ee Itoobiya

Ururka Suxufiyiinta Somaliland SOLJA waxa uu xukuumadda Somaliland iyo madaxda Dawlad deegaanka Somalida Itoobiya ugu baaqayaa inay Xorriyadiisa usoo celiyaan Wariye Mukhtaar Nuux Ibraahim oo ka tirsan HCTV, kaasoo isaga iyo afar wariye oo kale ciidamadda Liyuu Booliisku ka kaxaysteen magaaladda Wajaale. Ururka Suxufiyiinta Somaliland SOLJA waxa uu xaqiijiyey inay ...

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