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SOLJA Staff attended Advocacy Training

SOLJA staff members attended advocacy Training arranged by partner organization IMS-International Media Support and FOJO Institute. The planned trainings have happened August 18th-20th 2016 and Feb 1st-3rd  2017.

The course covered how to carry our effective and successful advocacy campaign for achieving media Freedom in Somaliland through Press law amendment and journalism quality.

SOLJA teams that participated were:

  1. Yahye Mohamed Abdi
  2. Liban Abdi Hassan
  3. Ilyaas Abdilahi abdirahman
  4. Hodo Ismail Jama.


Covered Topics:

  • Introduction to Advocacy, Theories of Advocacy
  • Context Analysis and the Media Organizations in SOMALILAND
  • Messaging Advocacy
  • Advocacy Planning
  • Tools/Channels in Advocacy
  • M&E: Measuring Advocacy
  • Risk Mitigation.

The training was participated by three partner organization of the planned in cooperation with IMS-FOJO and conducted by  Hanne Tornager and Rashweat Mukundu.4 3 2

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