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Brief on Somaliland press law 27/2004 amendment process

Dear All,

Somaliland journalists association and Ministry of Information of Somaliland have jointly addressed the importance of press law amendment to guarantee the rights of journalists and media houses in strong legal frameworks to ensure the freedom of information and freedom of expression is exercised without least interferences.

Accordingly, couple of days before on 12 August 2018 the first Steering committee Meeting occurred at Mansoor hotel after nomination of technical drafting lawyers by Ministry of Information & SOLJA in 26 July 2018. The 3 lawyers have presented inception report regarding legal analysis of 27/2004 media law by the lawyers as a baseline assessments for the future interventions in the press law amendment and consultations towards various media stakeholders.

In addition, the lawyers have also presented the detailed Work plan for the revision of the Media Act (Law No.27/2004) which is a strategic blueprint for the activities to be accomplished in the whole press law amendment procedure until the submission of the bill to the House of Representatives.

The steering committee nominated are comprised of 11 key media and human rights stakeholders across Somaliland including the government (Ministry of information, Attorney General office and solicitor General), Media associations, independent media, members of civil society organizations and human rights organizations. They are inclusive group who will review and closely liaise with the lawyers to critically review every legal analysis & drafts of press law submitted by the lawyers before proceeding to the next stage to get inclusive law that covers types of media including Television, Newspaper, Radio and Social media and broadly guarantee the rights of media practitioners as well as firmly adheres journalists towards their responsibilities to serve for ideal informing of the public.



Yahye Mohamed,

Director-Somaliland journalists Association

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