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Somaliland Media Cases Report 2019

The office of legal aid of SOLJA have provided legal assistance and support to various media practitioners and media houses who have been violated including journalists detentions and media agencies. SOLJA vets the reported media violations, evaluates and then prepares for legal support both legally and sometimes informally. During this ...

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Consultation Meetings for Somaliland Media Law Amendment

Somaliland Journalists Association who stands to protect and promote journalists is spread heading the ongoing press law amendment and conducted three consecutive consultative workshops which aimed to discuss the review of Somaliland media law after Drafting the lawyers through sharing the contributions from Journalist and media stakeholders including Civil Society ...

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This is a quick alert upon the court decision against Foore Newspaper which has been on-going recently. After Foore newspaper published14/10/2018 a news article regarding relocation of the Somaliland presidential palace to a new location where they compared this building which costs huge money against the social needs including health and education. ...

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