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Become a Member

Full membership is open to all Somaliland journalists whose principal earnings derived from editing or writing for a journal, newspaper, digital, online, or broadcasting organization.

 Article 5. Membership:

As a mention The Constitution of the Association


Paragraph1. Who has the right to be member?

Any one of Somaliland journalist fulfilled the membership condition mentioned in paragraph 3 of this article could be member

Paragraph 2

An application form address to the secretarial of the organization and circulates to the board of directors to make the decision


Paragraph 3 criteria

Ø  University level or equivalent institution or has press experience worked at least two years in a recognized agency.

Ø  And that he/she must not a member the same press association

Ø  He/she must be ready to pay the Fees of the organization


Paragraph 4

Ø  Members of the organization have equal right to The opportunities from the organization

Ø  To take party general assembly

Ø  To vote and be voted

Paragraph 5: obligations/duties

Ø  To respect and obey the codes and constitution of the organization

Ø  The safeguard the unity the secret and existence of the organization

Paragraph 6: losing membership

Ø  Without paying the membership Fees in three months consecutively

Ø  Violation the codes and the principles of the organization

Ø  Making actions against the credibility and  the existence  of the organization

Ø  Violation of one of the articles of the organization

Paragraph 7: Membership Fee

Ø  Members of the organization are paying the Fees once a month

Ø  The Fees of money is equally payable.

Ø  Membership Fees is $2 or equivalent

Ø  Members registration fee is $10

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