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Working since 2003

About SOLJA .

Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) is a non-governmental, non-political, and nonprofit organization founded in Somaliland on Feb 2003 by a group of professional journalists and media experts. The reason found was to defend, develop, and build free, independent, and transparent media that promotes access to the right to information, and right to freedom of speech and expression in Somaliland. SOLJA strives to empower, strengthen the capacity of its members, and ensure high standards of Journalism/reportage in Somaliland.

It’s legally registered in Somaliland as “Somaliland Journalists Association” with valid registration Certificate No. 43.781.2022M/J. SOLJA has its head office in Hargeisa the capital city of Somaliland and operates across Somaliland.

Currently, SOLJA has a total of 800 Journalists and 56 media houses representing all regions of Somaliland.

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Envisions the existence of free, independent, and transparent media and regulatory system that is working and ensuring media pluralism, right to freedom of expression and information is guaranteed in law and respected in practice


SOLJA’s mission is to defend, develop, and build independent and transparent media through capacity development on all spheres of policy, legal and regulatory framework governing media in Somaliland, knowledge and skills of media personnel and journalist and ensures professional ethics and standards up to degree of plurality and diversity of the media in Somaliland.

Who we Represent

Somaliland Journalists Association Represents Media Professionals and Media Houses

Est. Since


Media Professionals


Media Houses


Projects Completed

What We Do

Provide technical assistance, and ensure safety and protection of journalist, include journalist legal aid fund and other projects and programs that are promoting journalists’ welfare.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Programs including trainings, Degree and Diploma education


SOLJA advocates for media freedom and freedom of expression in Somaliland.


Journalists’ Safety protection and DATA protection like cyber-security and PPE.


SOLJA encourages Journalists through Cawe Media Award and other programs


Coach, mentor and monitor media performance by providing technical assistance


SOLJA stands for defending Somaliland Journalists and Media institutions  

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October 2, 2022


Ururka Suxufiyiinta Somaliland ee SOLJA waxa uu sanad walba qabtaa Abaalmarinta cawke oo ku suntan dhiirigalinta ...

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July 31, 2022

Roundtable discussion on freedom of expression and the media in Somaliland.

A roundtable discussion on the pressing issues of freedom of expression was held in Hargiesa, which was attended by a number ...

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Working since 2003

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