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SOLJA’s presentation of the Social affairs committee of Somaliland House of Representatives to draft media bill and requests for Approval in their 43rd seat

On 23rd September 2020: the Somaliland Journalists Association had organized a huge meeting attended by 5 parliament members from the Social affairs committee, the legal and religious consultants, and the vice-chairman for the general secretary of Somaliland parliamentary. Firstly, the Somaliland journalists Association has opened by welcoming the participants of this ...

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Ogeysiis: Abaal Marinta Cawke (Awke Media Award 2020)

Ogeysiis: Abaal Marinta Cawke (Awke Media Award 2020) Ururka Suxufiyiinta Somaliland SOLJA, waxa uu ku war-gelinayaa dhamaan Suxufiyiinta Somaliland in uu Tartankii Abaal marinta Cawke ee sanadka 2020-ku si rasmi ah u furan yahay. Sidaas daraadeed; Xaaladda Covid19 aw-geed waxa uu Ururku sannadkan wax ka bedelay qaabkii hore ee suxufiyiintu ...

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Press Statement

19/11/2019- the Somaliland journalists association welcomes the decision of the Hargeisa regional court on rejecting HCTV suspension that the government have submitted request yesterday. HCTV is independent news agencies which have been ordered suspension yesterday by government authorities alleged with broadcasting a program concerning the commercial flight company complaint letter ...

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Consultation Meetings for Somaliland Media Law Amendment

Somaliland Journalists Association who stands to protect and promote journalists is spread heading the ongoing press law amendment and conducted three consecutive consultative workshops which aimed to discuss the review of Somaliland media law after Drafting the lawyers through sharing the contributions from Journalist and media stakeholders including Civil Society ...

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