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SOLJA has conducted Human rights training for police officers and Investigators at SAHIL Region

Somaliland Journalists Association SOLJA and Somaliland Human Rights Commission SLNHRC in partner with UKAID has conducted Human rights training for police officers and Investigators at SAHIL Region. The training which was successfully closed on the evening of today participated 30 Police officers from different departments which discussed the perspectives of ...

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SOLJA Held Training about Media Safety in Sool Region

on 24-25 June, 2018 Somaliland Journalists Assocition (SOLJA) has successfully completed a 2 day training with 20 individual Journalists from different media houses both private and public. These two days training is about how the Journalists are reporing safely from Sool region, the main objective was to learn journalists how ...

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SOOL/Lasanod: VIKES and SOLJA Jointly Conduct a day Training

Vikes Conduct a 3 day Training on Training on best practices of Journalism and professional Ethics drawn from SOOL regions of Somaliland jointly organized by Somaliland Journalist Association “SOLJA” and VIKES,The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development  opened 05 march at Lasanod Mr. Mahmoud Jama Ahmed, chairman of SOLJA speaking during ...

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SOLJA Launches Project for Professional skill development for Somaliland Journalists and Media Houses

On 13th March 2017, Somaliland Journalist Association were launched a Project for professional Development For Somaliland Journalists and Media Houses, Under the SSG (Strengthening Somali Governance) funded by USAID through Chemonics international. This professional training development was held Safari Hotel and will continue a 12 days consecutive for a five ...

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SOLJA Staff attended Advocacy Training

SOLJA staff members attended advocacy Training arranged by partner organization IMS-International Media Support and FOJO Institute. The planned trainings have happened August 18th-20th 2016 and Feb 1st-3rd  2017. The course covered how to carry our effective and successful advocacy campaign for achieving media Freedom in Somaliland through Press law amendment ...

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Tababar 9 Suxufi Loogu Qabtay  Xarunta SOLJA

9 Suxufi oo ka hawl gala Wargeysyada, Telefishanada iyo Idaacadda Radio Hargeysa, ayaa tababar ku saabsan tebinta Maamul wanaagga loogu soo geba gabeeyey Xarunta Ururka Suxufiyiinta Somaliland ee SOLJA. Tababarkan oo socday muddo shan maalmood ah, oo fulintiisa iska kaashaday Mashruuca Xoojinta Dawladnimada ee SSG iyo Ururka Suxufiyiinta Somaliland ee ...

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