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Hargeysa ( SOLJA ) Journalists condemned the press release on several factors, including conflict

communities , affected by drought and voter registration , and information – release thus : –

SOLJA the call information and assistance for Somaliland media agencies to be careful to advertise

disputes between communities arise during the critical issues of the damage the country. Journalists also

warn journalists and agencies to use stimulation and mobilization of security issues can hurt to stand out

and to be cautious, so as not to bring up the problem of responsibility to distribute information security

issues can create in security. They both placed on monitoring the news media and journalists published

their communities to attack the small port of El-Garde (Eastern on Berbera port), which could cause

trouble if they do not support the media stop fueling tensions between communities. It seems to be the

epicenter of Crabs or support communities in the disputed building of that port, the label on the media

industry and shows the irresponsible affect talents and dignity of journalists.

SOLJA being based Ethics and obligations Independence to remind the media of Somaliland to be

neutral between hybrids and attractions Somaliland politicians, media as needed to take part in

formulating and solving conflicts. During drought conditions and low support available to people and

animals affected by the Journalists condemned nurtures journalists and media organizations they work for

to take responsibility for their offer to different circumstances facing .

Also, SOLJA the information requested assistance from the state to be aware of any use to the suffering,

especially in this age of the voter registration process and the elections are approaching, and the

environment Race between the parties. Journalists have a duty and responsibility to protect the interest of

the nation, we need to track to guide the community to serve in the United Somaliland . Therefore, the

Somaliland journalists and media owners to be careful to keep the trumpet infiltrated, Reporting and

support on all aspects of their personal interests are harmful to public Somaliland

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