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DSCF5002On behalf of Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) , I am very excited to Welcome our headquarter

the FREEPRESS UNLIMITED officials during June 2016.

The FREEPRESS officials were consisted of three: Leon Van, the Team leader of Media development

programme., Jens Kiesheyer, who is the Programme coordinator Fragile Africa and Abdi Asis Muse who

is the Somaliland representative of Mediac . On the counterpart, SOLJA representative were the

Executive Director, Yahye Mohamed and the programmes coordinator, Liiban Abdi.

In addition, It was my privilege to discuss further about current Media landscape in Somaliland. SOLJA

activities, specific needs, Vision, successful interventions we have achieved and also our future

endeavor. After this impressive introduction we have moved to the agenda of the meeting which was

how to build a collaboration with FREEPRESS unlimited and Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA).

We are very proud to FREEPRESS for giving a cordial attention to our requests for partnership and future

collaboration for media development aims in Somaliland. We have agreed to start with a pilot project

which lasts as shorter as possible and after accomplishing this task we will start the real projects for

media development issues in Somaliland. Though, time was short but its outcome was extremely

impressive as we believe. This will in return be a beacon of hope for all journalists in Somaliland.


Once again let me say “Thank you for visiting our Headquarter, we will realize you expectation due to

our commitments and hard work individuals”

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