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Consultation Meetings for Somaliland Media Law Amendment

Somaliland Journalists Association who stands to protect and promote journalists is spread heading the ongoing press law amendment and conducted three consecutive consultative workshops which aimed to discuss the review of Somaliland media law after Drafting the lawyers through sharing the contributions from Journalist and media stakeholders including Civil Society ...

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This is a quick alert upon the court decision against Foore Newspaper which has been on-going recently. After Foore newspaper published14/10/2018 a news article regarding relocation of the Somaliland presidential palace to a new location where they compared this building which costs huge money against the social needs including health and education. ...

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Ogeysiis: Abaal Marinta Cawke (Awke Award 2018)

Ururka Suxufiyiinta Somaliland SOLJA, waxa uu ku war-gelinayaa dhamaan Suxufiyiinta Somaliland in uu Tartankii Abaal marinta Cawke ee sanadka 2018-ku si rasmi ah u furan yahay 15/09/2018-15/10/2018-ka. Sidaas daraadeed; Dhamaan Suxufiyiinta Somaliland waxa laga codsanayaa inay soo xaraystaan barnaamijyadda kala duwan ee ay kaga qayb galayaan Tartanka.   Qaybaha iyo ...

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Brief on Somaliland press law 27/2004 amendment process

Dear All, Somaliland journalists association and Ministry of Information of Somaliland have jointly addressed the importance of press law amendment to guarantee the rights of journalists and media houses in strong legal frameworks to ensure the freedom of information and freedom of expression is exercised without least interferences. Accordingly, couple ...

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